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Once upon a time.....they lived happily ever after



Y​ou have agreed to forever ...congratulations, now the craziness begins. When and where, the dress/tux,what kind of flowers, chicken or fish, church/ city hall/ backyard/ beach front?? Here are some couples who took the time for themselves and "engaged" in each other.






Here comes the bride , the groom, your new mother -in - law, sister Sue and wild Uncle Larry. Your wedding is a day filled with love, laughter and memories to last  a lifetime.  I will capture the smiles, the tears, the hugs/best wishes and cheers. I want your wedding album to be something that makes you smile from the first picture to the last.

Maternity and Newborn:


From the thrill of finding out you are pregnant, to the first kick, to a viewing of your little bean on an ultrasound. Pregnancy is a time for magic moments...then all of a sudden your little miracle is here!  Each day your heart melts a little more and nothing compares to the first time they wrap their little hand around your finger or give you their first smile. Oh baby!!

Family and Children:​


There are nuclear families, blended families, single parent, and modern families...they can be your best friends or drive you crazy but all families have one thing in common LOVE.

Here are some loving parents and some adorable offspring.

Head Shots:

Are you looking for a new position, new pictures for your website or looking to audition for your next big role? Great pictures of great people!

Momentous Occasions:

Celebrating your first holy communion is a very special moment in time. Graduating grade 8 or from High School also an important milestone in our lives. These are the memories that will warm your heart forever.

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