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When I received my first camera from my parents I was in heaven! It was a Kodak. You had to slide the button to advance the film and it had a removable flash that every time you used it  you could see the bulb explode and burn out (I went through these cubes awful quickly). By high school I had advanced to a Pentax 35mm with a built in flash. I loved taking pictures of my family, friends, pets, nature. At our wedding in 2003 we received a Sony digital was the first digital camera I had owned and I could not stop taking pictures (and then emailing them to my friends/family). A few years ago I bought my first DSLR and am now the happy owner of a Canon 7D. How things have advanced, and as they did so did my passion for photography .

I have lived in a little city, a big city, out in the boonies, out west near the mountains and now my life is in the suburbia of suburbia; Oakville. I enjoy spending time with my husband and our three children. I love visiting with our friends and family and if I could I would constantly be travelling the world. All the while taking as many pictures as I can.

Christa Storey Hogan

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